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12 Day Rd
Rockingham, WA, 6168

0423 284502

With over 20 years experience in wooden boat building and repair Tony O'Connor is pleased to discuss any aspect of Wooden boat construction mast and spar construction and repair as well as outfitting boats of all construction methods with boat owners in Perth Western Australia.

Tony is  also available to cut CNC parts to order for customers.

Tony is also delighted to be the Australian builder for Francois Viviers gaff yawl Jewell design and is the authorised  supplier of cnc kits for Jewell ,and will be happy to supply complete or partial  kits for other Vivier designs to  costumers requirements


Naval cadet boats

Construction of Jewell began in May 2014.


Goat Island Skiff

tony o'connor

Now that I am back from Hobart, work has started on a Goat Island Skiff. This is a new venture for me as the skiff parts are cnc cut from files supplied by Clint Chase

The kit is quite small ,6 sheets of 6mm plywood and is very easy to assemble.

This picture shows the 3-d cnc scarf that Clint uses to join panels, this is the hull bottom.

Both ends of the bottom panel waiting to be glued together.


Bottom panel glued together

Bottom panel glued together

Gunwales fitted

Gunwales fitted