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12 Day Rd
Rockingham, WA, 6168

0423 284502

With over 20 years experience in wooden boat building and repair Tony O'Connor is pleased to discuss any aspect of Wooden boat construction mast and spar construction and repair as well as outfitting boats of all construction methods with boat owners in Perth Western Australia.

Tony is  also available to cut CNC parts to order for customers.

Tony is also delighted to be the Australian builder for Francois Viviers gaff yawl Jewell design and is the authorised  supplier of cnc kits for Jewell ,and will be happy to supply complete or partial  kits for other Vivier designs to  costumers requirements




Morbic 8 & 10

Morbic 10 was designed as Morbic 8 with the aim:

  • to be a graceful and classic tender, able to replace standard inflatables, with far better rowing ability avoiding the use of an outboard motor.
  • to be practical for today use, light, easy to haul on strand (flat bottom, two aft skegs, a breast hook acting as a handle) and as far as possible stowable of the cabin top.
  • and to be easy to build, in particular for a first time builder.

I first designed a small version, Morbic 8, which is made with standards 2.5 m or 8′ plywood panels. Then I was asked for a larger version, built with 3.1 m of 10′ panels. A lenghtened version (said Morbic 10.5) is also included in the same plan package as Morbic 10. The length is 3 m and breadth unchanged. The main interest is to be built from 2.44 m long plywood panels, easier to source. You just need to order specific full size patterns.
The sail version is a very attractive alternative to the Optimist! During calls, your tender may be used to discover the strand. Morbic 10 sail may also be use as a small dinghy. Sha has already been selected by some sailing schools. Morbic 10 is fitted with buoyancy tanks as required by EC rules. It is possible to fit an outboard if you really need it!
It is also possible to adapt size to the available room on-board your “main boat”. So, I am prepared to print polyester patterns with easily changed dimensions. Then, it is possible to get a tender from 2 to 3.2 m about.


Morbic 12

Morbic 12 was designed to be:

  • A dinghy, able to take 1 to 3 crew, with a performing balanced lug, as the International 12 feet which has been an Olympic class.
  • A “sail and oar” boat, able to sail anywhere. The moderate size makes Morbic 12 an ideal boat for frequent single handling but she is able to take a crew of 3 and is fitted with 2 rowing thwarts.
  • And also a simple motor boat, with its generous transom width. A cut-out in the transom allows to fit a short-shaft outboard motor.

The small size of Morbic 12 allows such a multi-purpose use. Being light, she may be rowed easily, despite her generous breadth giving stability for sail and motor. Morbic 12 is:

  • A practical boat, the flat bottom making easy hauling on the strand,
  • A modern design, with clinker plywood, for easy construction by a first time home builder,
  • Simple with the pivoting and removable centreboard and minimal structure items,
  • Safe with large side buoyancy tanks,
  • Light and so effortless,

O'Connor Wooden Boats. Unit 4, 12 Day rd. East Rockingham. 6168 Western Australia. Phone 08 95921826.

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