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12 Day Rd
Rockingham, WA, 6168

0423 284502

With over 20 years experience in wooden boat building and repair Tony O'Connor is pleased to discuss any aspect of Wooden boat construction mast and spar construction and repair as well as outfitting boats of all construction methods with boat owners in Perth Western Australia.

Tony is  also available to cut CNC parts to order for customers.

Tony is also delighted to be the Australian builder for Francois Viviers gaff yawl Jewell design and is the authorised  supplier of cnc kits for Jewell ,and will be happy to supply complete or partial  kits for other Vivier designs to  costumers requirements




 Stir-Ven 19

Stir-Ven 19 has a NACA profiled cast iron centreboard, an efficient hull with a low wetted area but a firmer bilge. This new boat is fitted with a water ballast tank allowing to get a stable hull at sea but a light boat on the trailer. The stem overhang helps recovering on the trailer. The water ballast is simple. There is two dinghy type hatches into the tank top, and a drain plug into the hull just under the hatches. To fill in the tank, just open the hatches and the plugs. Shut all when the tank is full. To empty the tank, open a pair of drain plugs in the aft bulkhead and use the bilge pump to discharge at sea. Of course, it is also possible to empty directly if the boat is already on the trailer.

As requested by many customers, the cockpit is watertight and self draining. In order to ease recovering after capsize, the space under cockpit is floodable as soon as a large quantity of water enters into the boat. As the cockpit extends on full breadth, a specific arrangement has been designed to allow draining at sea. On both sides there is a draining box with an Elvstrom type bailer. When reaching with enough breeze, you may drain with the down wind bailer. When sailing to windward, or in light breeze, you use the upwind bailer by simple gravity. Actually the main interest of the self draining cockpit is at mooring. It gives the possibility to leave the boat unattended during a long period of time. The slope of the cockpit floorboards drain the rain toward the boxes.


Stir-Ven 22

Being the winner of the design competition “a boat to go to the islands” organised by Chasse-Marée, in the “revisited tradition” category, Stir-Ven combines classicism and modernity. It gets from classicism the elegance of its clinker built hull, the friendliness of its long and deep cockpit, the aesthetics of a gunter rig with high performances in all weather conditions, the beauty of varnished wood and bronze fittings, the possibility to row when wind is falling (oars are placed under the lateral decks). It gets from the modernity, the plywood epoxy technology, the reduced maintenance requirements, the ease of trailing and launching, the heavy (180 kg) cast iron streamlined centreboard which makes Stir-Ven sailing as a keel boat, both for sailing to windward and safety. Stir-Ven is intended for fast day sailing. It is also suitable for coastal cruising. She has two berths in its small cuddy, two others on the cockpit floor under a tent which even allows you to stand up! You can live a few days on board freely, having access to most moorings forbidden to larger cruisers.
For all that, Stir Ven is one of my very preferred design. She is a trailerable boat but not limited to a frustrating one day only sailing

O'Connor Wooden Boats. Unit 4, 12 Day rd. East Rockingham. 6168 Western Australia. Phone 08 95921826.

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