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12 Day Rd
Rockingham, WA, 6168

0423 284502

With over 20 years experience in wooden boat building and repair Tony O'Connor is pleased to discuss any aspect of Wooden boat construction mast and spar construction and repair as well as outfitting boats of all construction methods with boat owners in Perth Western Australia.

Tony is  also available to cut CNC parts to order for customers.

Tony is also delighted to be the Australian builder for Francois Viviers gaff yawl Jewell design and is the authorised  supplier of cnc kits for Jewell ,and will be happy to supply complete or partial  kits for other Vivier designs to  costumers requirements


Calendar Island Yawl

Calendar Islands Yawl

LOA   15' 6"
LWL   13' 8"
Beam   5' 2"
Draft (board up/down)   5"/36"
Depth amidships   20"
Sail Area 121sq ft. (lug+mizzen)  
Weight ~ 175 lbs

The CIY originally came from the lines plan for a larger daysailer that I had drawn in 2010. We needed a boat like the Goat Island Skiff – fast, light, and singlehand friendly – but with a hull shape more appropriate for Maine waters. The CIY is round-bilged with a narrow flat bottom for beaching. The big lug sail drives the boat well in light airs. Rowing the CIY is easier than other sail-and-oar boats because she is light and has a skeg to help her track. In windy conditions, the firm bilge and freeboard are key features. The offset mizzen is an asset, allowing you to sit into the wind to raise sail, reef, switch to oars, or have a snack break. The ends of the boat have sealed, airtight buoyancy chambers and foam can be added under the middle seat. A sleeping platform is created when the floorboards are raised and sat on cleats around the cockpit. The CIY is very versatile, but ideal uses would be for protected to moderately open water, daysailing or cruising, for 1-3 people. There is reserve capacity for a fourth person or more gear. A motor is not ideal for the CIY but may be for the larger CIY 18 on the drawing board. 

The CIY is ideal for those wanting to camp-cruise, daysail, and explore the coast in beautiful fashion and functional perfection. 

boats 3.JPG

Construction of the CIY is suitable for beginner boatbuilders with hands-on skills. The kit builds with our signature, precutstrongback with self-jigging, CNC-cut features. This makes the set up of the boat -- the foundation of the boat -- very quick and easy. The material is a flat, stable product called Advantech. The marine plywood components as well as the stem and stern attach to this set-up seamlessly. After beveling the stem and transom, the planks wrap around the bulkheads and molds and register into precut notches. The bottom and first plank are glued stitch-&-glue style (epoxy and fiberglass). Then, each plank receives a 3/4" wide bevel, cut with a block plane, and the next plank is glued on with epoxy. This glued lapstrake method is easy and enjoyable and explained in the instructions. The builder of the first CIY built his CIY starting on March 29th 2014 and was sailing by September 29th, 2014, a 6 month build!  

Construction is hybrid stitch-&-glue and glued lapstrake construction over precut strongback and bulkheads/molds. All plywood is BS1088 Okoume. 

Construction is hybrid stitch-&-glue and glued lapstrake construction over precut strongback and bulkheads/molds. All plywood is BS1088 Okoume.